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SES-7C - Transform Your Business With 3D Printed Dentures; Overcoming Common Obstacles and Successful Implementation for Laboratories and Clinicians

‐ Apr 12, 2024 2:45pm

3D printed dentures provide many impactful benefits for patients, clinicians and labs. Adoption is growing rapidly, but successful implementation requires effective education and communication between technicians and clinicians. Join us for an informative discussion with lab and clinical experts discussing strategies for successfully transitioning to 3D printed dentures and best practices for overcoming the most common obstacles.

Commercial Supporter: Carbon

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the benefits of 3D printed dentures for clinicians, patients, and laboratories
  • Discuss the most common challenges faced by clinicians and laboratories when adopting 3D printed dentures, and their solutions
  • Describe the workflows for copy dentures, reference dentures, and edentulous patients
  • Discuss best practices for capturing records with IOS and the role of digital photography
  • Explain the steps required to get started doing 3D printed dentures now