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SES-7B - The Future of High-Impact 3D Printed Dentures: Trusana & the TrujetX3 Printer

‐ Apr 12, 2024 2:45pm

Join Kris Schermerhorn, CDT, to learn more about the Trusana Premium Denture System and the future of 3D printed digital dentures using the revolutionary TrujetX3 printer. He will first cover the Trusana materials, which include premium tooth resin, high-impact denture base resin, and a one-step bonding adhesive. You will learn about Trusana’s patented chemistry that results in lifelike translucency as well as its fracture toughness, wear resistance, and unique ability to maintain its flexural strength and modulus in the presence of water. Kris will educate you on the optimal workflow to streamline production using Asiga equipment to produce a stronger, more beautiful denture. Kris will end the session with a brief introduction to the TrujetX3, Myerson’s latest innovation that produces a one-piece, high-impact premium Trusana denture.

Commercial Supporter: Zahn Dental