Registration and Breakfast

Jul 26, 2024 8:00am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 8:45am

Identification: NJ-REG-1

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jul 26, 2024 8:45am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 9:00am

Identification: NJ-WEL-1

Updates in Solutions for Dentin Hypersensitivity

Jul 26, 2024 9:00am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 10:00am

Identification: NJ-CE-1

Networking Break

Jul 26, 2024 10:00am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 10:20am

Identification: NJ-NET-1

Networking Break

Jul 26, 2024 11:20am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 11:40am

Identification: NJ-NET-2

Lunch and Networking

Jul 26, 2024 12:40pm ‐ Jul 26, 2024 1:30pm

Identification: NJ-LUN-1

Updates in Practice Profitability

Jul 26, 2024 1:30pm ‐ Jul 26, 2024 2:30pm

Identification: NJ-CE-4

How IV Sedation Changed my Practice, and I am a GP

Jul 26, 2024 10:20am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 11:20am

Identification: NJ-CE-2

Sedation dentistry enhances patient comfort and can dramatically expand a practice’s capabilities. This presentation explores the art and science of safe and effective intravenous procedures that ultimately create a more comfortable and positive dental experience.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain best practices in sedation dentistry and describe how IV sedation can expand the scope of a general practice by attracting and retaining a broader patient base
  • Discuss ethical considerations surrounding sedation dentistry, how to ensure compliance with regulations, and patient-centered care
  • List effective communication and management strategies to address patient anxiety and dental phobias

For the Love of Safe Dental Unit Water

Jul 26, 2024 11:40am ‐ Jul 26, 2024 12:40pm

Identification: NJ-CE-3

Acknowledging safe dental unit water as a fundamental standard of care marks a critical evolution in dentistry. This presentation addresses this emerging imperative, underscoring the necessity for dental practices to elevate their protocols to meet these minimum standards. It outlines the essential steps for ensuring water safety, including proper testing, treatment, and shocking procedures tailored for dental settings. This presentation stresses the importance of designating an infection control coordinator to spearhead these initiatives, ensuring that dental care providers not only meet but exceed the expectations in patient safety and care.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define the proper protocol for safe water for dental procedures
  • Decide on the proper testing, treatment, and shocking protocols for your dental practice
  • Review current protocols and standard operating procedures
  • Review the importance of assigning an infection control coordinator

Optimizing Esthetics: Form and Function: The Sequential Success of Direct Bonding

Jul 26, 2024 2:30pm ‐ Jul 26, 2024 3:30pm

Identification: NJ-CE-5

Patients are often present with misaligned, chipped, or discolored teeth, but are fearful to have their teeth “drilled”. Because of false representation via social media, patients seem to be reluctant to having treatment. It is the clinician’s responsibility to communicate clearly and educate patients on the most conservative approaches in restoring the form, function, and esthetics of their smiles. The first step is re-aligning the teeth to the correct position in regaining proper function and to assist in creating good esthetics. Step two is assessing and mapping out what is needed to optimize the esthetics of the newly aligned teeth. Step three is executing and mastering an effective and replicable approach in the sequence of direct bonding techniques to achieve predictable results. Direct composite bonding can be a highly effective, minimalistic, and replicable approach to restoring a patient’s dentition with predictable results versus a more aggressive approach such as porcelain veneering or full porcelain coverage. This course will provide the attendee with a practical approach to biomimetic dentistry and show a variety of examples with proven success.
Learning Objectives:
  • Determine how tooth alignment and occlusion affect final esthetics and longevity of direct restorations
  • Learn how to match composite shades to existing teeth properly
  • Learn how to execute an effective and replicable, sequential process of direct bonding procedures from start to finish